Healing Vine Harbor, Inc, (HVH) kicks off its charitable season by partnering with Giving Tuesday (#GivingTuesdayCLT), a Share Charlotte event. Beginning Tuesday November 20th and leading up to Giving Tuesday on November 27, 2018 eight days later, Share Charlotte is promoting “8 days of Ways” to give GOOD in the Charlotte community. Each day, Healing Vine Harbor will participate in Giving Tuesday 2018 by hosting social media events to raise awareness about the organization and the homeless movement. HVH’s goal is to open a transitional home for young homeless women. Giving Tuesday will hopefully inspire financial support for HVH's mission and raise awareness regarding the city's need to make the eradication of homelessness a mandate.

Founder/ Executive Director

Tracey Questell

Healing Vine Harbor, Inc.

We welcome  ladies who are weary and burdened; to be refreshed and restored.

Healing Vine Harbor Helps Women Grow

Healing Vine Harbor is a safe harbor. It is a place where women may rest and find help weathering the storms that life can throw their way.  Women will be fed spiritually, emotionally and physically. We are here to help transform lives one woman at a time by empowering them through education, life skills training such as financial literacy, employability readiness, self-development, emotional support and much more.

We empower!  We encourage!  We strengthen!

Our Ladies

Our goal is to help women who are suffering from being tossed to and fro in their lives and can't quite reach the needed level of stability they need to thrive.  Be it society, family, personal, we are here to be an anchor. 


We offer a variety of services to our residents to prepare them for independent living and to empower them to be self-sufficient.

Get Involved

Join our family, make a difference in the life of one of our precious ladies.

Get Help

Learn to navigate some of the toughest years of life.